Legend: Series 1 = ESD vinyl chairs; Series 20 = woven ESD chairs; Series 5 = Molded Polyurethane ESD Chairs.
  B = color blue; a = arm rests; f = foot rest; s = glides; p = plastic castors
ACH-1p ACH-1
ESD vinyl chair with soft ESD no-marking castors.

Ideal for "intensive use" applications within the semi-conductor, aerospace, bioscience, pharmaceutical, computer, medical device, medical equipment and munitions industries. Designed to meet the requirements of Federal Standard 209 for Class 100 clean rooms. Feature easy-to-use pneumatic seat height adjustment, 360° swivel, fully adjustable back rest and an aluminum cast, five star base with soft rubber wheels, glides or, as an economy version on plastic castors. The seats come standard with high-density foam, durable, seamless, static dissipative vinyl upholstery. All chairs come with wide, aluminum 640mm ( base. ESD glides and conductive vinyl upholstery have surface resistivity of < 105Ω/sq

  • Complies with EN 61340-5-1
  • 5 star base made of aluminum with 5 static dissipative soft tires
  • Safety pneumatic lift
  • Gas lift height adjustment
  • Upholstered with a conductive black PU leather with surface resistivity <10e5Ω/sq
  • Static dissipative backrest shell

Technical data:

Seat dimension: 16.9" x 15.7" (430 x 400 mm)
Backrest dimension: 15.7" x 11.8" (400 x 300 mm)
Seat height adjustment 17.3" – 23.6" (440 – 600 mm)
Star base diameter Ø 25.6" (640 mm)

Electrical properties:

  Test standard Typical values Requirements
Resistance to ground
point R G (to metal plate)
EN 61340-5-1 107 – 109 Ω RG 1 x 1010 Ω
ACH-1p ACH-1p

ESD Vinyl chair, economy on plastic static dissipative wheels.

Technical Specifications: Same as for the chair ACH-1 (except for the lower cost wheels).